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Nest-Bio Venture Lab completed its first ‘Discover Microbial World’ workshop with 30 passionate young scientists


Microbial World Workshop was held on 6th July 2019 at Nest-Bio Venture Lab, Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, UTMKL. This workshop was led by Dr. Nurul Syazwani as a Teaching Manager with the assistance of Ms. Marshila, Mr. Hafiz, Mr. Zaim and Ms. Tasbiyah. Total of 30 students and 3 teachers from SBPI Gombak, Kuala Lumpur’s British International School, and Malaysia’s International Islamic School attended this workshop. This workshop has its own mission to allow the students to experience how to culture the bacteria. The workshop started with opening remarks from Mr. Hakim, Managing Director of Leave a Nest Malaysia that shares the vision of the company. Students also have the opportunity to hear a lecture about the world of microorganisms.

The interesting part of this workshop is on the hands-on activities where students can discover the microorganisms around them. The students need to collect the microorganisms around them by using a wet cotton bud. Some of the students collected the samples from their shoes, watches, spectacle, and others. After that, they need to streak the cotton bud on the petri dish containing a nutrient agar (as food for the microorganism). This step has to be handled carefully to avoid contamination of the nutrient agar. Next, the petri dish must be sealed using parafilm and the samples were cultured in the incubator for 2 days to allow the microorganism to grow.

Some of bacteria culture from the students after 2 days

Students also got the chance to observe a sample of agar plate cultured by Teaching Manager and Teaching Assistants. They look very excited and cannot wait to see theirs. At the end of the workshop, the students had a lab tour around the Nest-Bio Venture Lab and get to know the function of high-end machines especially Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) machine in identification of the bacteria.

We received positive feedback from the students regarding this workshop. Daniea Darwisya Jafri from SBPI Gombak said that she learn how to culture bacteria in this workshop and also learn about the equipment during the lab tour.

From this workshop, the students enjoy and show interest in learning and experiencing new things. The students were able to gain knowledge on methods to identify microorganisms by using observation and by the equipment. It’s a good exposure to the students to make them interested in research and inspired them to become a skillful researcher in the future.

We will be conducting our next workshop as scheduled below:

Tittle: Triple Fruiti : Test The Water Turbidity!
Date: 24th August (Saturday)
Venue: Nest-Bio Venture Lab, Malaysia-Japan International Institute

Please refer to the flyer below for more details!

Registration is open now! Book your seat with us.

Registration for Workshop on Triple Fruiti : Test The Water Turbidity! 

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