Startup Incubation

  • Nest Bio Venture Lab allocate space for a startup to conduct research and work desk with a privilege to various basic and high-end laboratory equipment.  
  • This laboratory facilitates next-generation sequencing equipment such as traditional capillary sequencing (Sanger Technology), automated library preparation (Ion Chef), low throughput next-generation sequencing (Ion PGM) and high throughput sequencing (Ion S5 XL) that cater to research needs including bacterial whole genome sequencing, amplicon-based sequencing, metagenomics, and transcriptomics.
  • Nest Bio Venture Lab provide a platform for a startup to connect with academic researchers and industries based on project motivation and helps to realize the idea.

1. Service packages for incubation startup is as follows.

Workbench / / /
Amenities (Printer, WIFI, Pantry, Locker) / / /
Monthly consultation / / /
Unlimited access to basic equipment / /
Research Assistant
(20 hours/month)
Price/month RM 600 RM 2500  RM 2740

List of Equipment included in Package A, B and C

No. All free used equipment Package A Package B Package C
1 Ductless fume hood, Esco x
2 Biology safety cabinet /laminar flow x
3 Deep freezer
4 Chiller
5 Refrigerated centrifuge x
6 Cutting mill x
7 Moisture analyzer x
8 Drying oven
9 NanoPhotometer, Implen x
10 Ultrasonic bath, Chemopharm
11 Autoclave HV-50, Hirayama (Quantity: 2) x
12 Heating block, Labnet x
13 Vortex x
14 Composting x
15 Qubit 3.0 Fluorometer x
16 Incubator shaker x
17 Memmert lab incubator x
18 Refrigerator
19 Deep freezer
20 Freezer (-80oc), Medfrez
21 Centrifuge x
22 Vacuum pump x
23 Ultrapure water system x
24 Distilled water ion exchange x
25 Flake ice making machine
26 Dry oven
27 Electronic balance
28 Gel doc x
29 Water bath with ultrasonic x
30 pH meter x
31 Electroporator, Eppendorf x
32 Ultrasonic processor x
33 Freezer -40 oc
34 Freezer -80 oC
35 Light Microscope

✓: Included in package
X: Not included in package

Note: For Package A, usage for other equipment will be charged separately upon request

2. In addition, we also provide additional equipments for the startups to use for their research. Rental fee for the equipments are as follows.

Equipment Brand/Model Price
Gel permeation Chromatography Shimadzu RM 150/sample
Critical Point Dryer Quorum Technologies RM 100/hour
Microplate Reader GloMax Discover, Promega RM 7/plate; RM 30/hour
Oil Content Analyzer OCMA 500 Horiba RM 10/sample
Genepulser Xcell Bio-Rad RM 10/sample
PCR Thermal Cyclers
Proflex PCR System RM 15/hour
Quantitative PCR StepOnePlus™, Applied Biosystem   RM 30/hour
Inverted/fluorescence Microscope CK41-SF-CCD, OLYMPUS RM 45/hour
Freezer Dryer EYELA RM 35/sample
Ultramicrotome Thermo Scientific RM 42/sample
Co2 Incubator ASTEC RM 45/day
Sanger DNA Sequencer Applied Biosystems RM 35/sample

Note: Other charges such as research consumables, reagents etc may be incurred.

3. Nest-Bio Venture Lab provides end-to-end solution for 16S sequencing and whole genome sequencing, including multiplexing libraries. The price for sequencing is as follows.

Sequencing Price
16S Metagenomics Sequencing RM 3000/sample
Whole Genome Sequencing RM 3000/sample

How to book your research needs:

  1. Read through our equipment list and services -> determine what you need.
  2. Email us your inquiries: izwan@lne; [email protected]
  3. While waiting for our response, register your account at Clustermarket registration (free)
  4. Once your account has been created, search: Nest Bio Venture Laboratory (NBVL) or click the “booking” button below
  5. Start your booking by making your selection accordingly.
  6. Once finish, email us for verification.