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We opened pavilion at Bio Usahawan 2019


On 15 & 16 March 2019, Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. had participated as a partner in BioUsahawan 2019 program that held at KL Convention Center (KLCC) to promote our Nest-Bio Venture to bio agri industry. BioUsahawan 2019 is one of the biggest conference and exhibition on biotechnology and agribusiness in Malaysia. The two-day event that was organized by Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation comprises of MoA exchange, Exhibition, Biopitch, Biochat, forum, and talk sessions. BioUsahawan 2019 provides a strategic platform for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and companies to trade and promote their products and services, especially in the agro and bio-based sectors.

Below is the key activities of Nest-Bio Venture Lab in BioUsahawan 2019:

1. MoA Exchange

During the opening ceremony of BioUsahawan 2019, Leave a Nest together with Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, MJIIT UTM had a MoA exchange about the collaboration of Nest-Bio Venture Lab witnessed by Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Sim Tze Tzin.

2. Exhibition

Leave a Nest also have a pavilion that showcased Leave a Nest’s knowledge-based  platforms, Nest-Bio Venture Lab facilities, Tech Planter Gallery, the product from our Tech Planter Alumni and our partner booth. Our pavilion was visited by entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Researchers, Student University, parents, government agencies and company representatives. A lot of them interested in our Nest-Bio Venture laboratory and would like to participate in our programs. As one of the main sponsors for BioUsahawan 2019, Leave a Nest pavilion was being honored to receive a visit by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Sim Tze Tzin.

3. BioChat

During the event, Director of Leave a Nest Malaysia, Abdul Hakim Sahidi and Managing Director of Leave a Nest Singapore, Dr. Kihoko Tokue were invited to join Bio Chat session with E.fm. Dr. Kihoko Tokue shared on the topic ‘Seed Acceleration Program' during her session. She explained about Tech Planter program which could help entrepreneurs & researchers to pitch their ideas to the multinational corporations. By Joining Tech Planter program, entrepreneurs & researchers have the potential to receive financial support and research collaboration opportunity. In the second day, Mr. Abdul Hakim shared about the ‘Nest-Bio Venture Lab' which Leave a Nest Malaysia have launched in January 2019. He shared about the uniqueness of the lab compare to other Bio labs in Malaysia and also services provided by Nest Bio Venture Lab.

4. Forum “Transforming Your Business into a Sustainable Enterprise”

Founder and Director of Leave a Nest Malaysia, Dr. Kihoko Tokue were also invited to becomes one of the speakers for a forum “Transforming Your Business into a Sustainable Enterprise”. Other Speakers of this discussion were Mrs. Aliyaa Suraiya (CEO of Mutiara Figs Sdn Bhd), Mr. Law Eng Lim (Ceo of Gain Green Sdn Bhd) and Dr. Arif Anwar (Ceo Heleogenics Sdn Bhd). This forum discussed on how a business can be transformed into a sustainable enterprise through profitability and remaining competitive, along with its challenges and opportunities. Dr. Kihoko shared on how Leave a Nest acts as a bridge to connect between researchers and society. Leave a Nest is also capable to introduce solutions to the society where the world challenge is existed. Dr kihoko also addressed a problem that faced by the world, which is the big gap between Research Institute and Industry.

Again, Leave a Nest would like to say thank you to all visitors that visited our pavilion at BioUsahawan 2019 and to Bioeconomy Corporation as the organizer for the great event.

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